October 13, 2021

Young Rembrandts: A Globally Renowned Art Educator

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Raising generations that value the power, the passion, and the significance of art.’ Such salient words aren’t just limited to the beliefs of a compassionate leader Bette Fetter, but also reflect the vision statement of her founding Young Rembrandts (YR). Being the CEO, she has transformed the people’s perception of art and encouraged the new generation to explore their artistic skills through the YR franchise. Prior to franchising, she ran the business in the Chicago suburbs for over ten years which allowed the Young Rembrandts teams to perfect the curriculum, classroom experience, business model, and other company’s operations. 

In its 33 years of business, Young Rembrandts has licensed 60 franchisees throughout the US and Canada in addition to 3 franchisees globally. The franchise was started in 1988 on Bette’s kitchen table in presence of her children. Before that, she was already an accomplished artist and has spent many years in the Montessori classroom. Her passion for art and children and her experience in the classroom inspired and shaped the franchise’s curriculum.  

Through its afterschool enrichment program, the company is aiding children to explore the trails of art. It teaches them to draw harnessing unique and proven Young Rembrandts’ methods, in nurturing structured classroom environments. In Young Rembrandts classes, these art enthusiastic students learn the fundamentals and value of art as they delight in the artistic process. They also acquire tools for successful learning and develop increased academic abilities to excel in academia. “Ultimately, by passing along the joy of art, we will educate and enrich our world communities for generations,” says Bette.

The company offers art programs to children ranging from 3 to 13 years of age in afterschool programs. Visit the Young Rembrandts website to see what’s available near you. “Each franchise offers in-person art lessons. Anyone can draw with us from anywhere, visit www.youngRembrandts.com to find a local class or join us online,” says Bette.

“Ultimately, by passing along the joy of art, we will educate and enrich our world communities for generations.”

Enriching Children Lives

The team of Young Rembrandts understands the significant role art plays in the lives of students to form a better approach. The company’s program helps children learn about arts, by being creative and imaginative. It constantly helps these children to build self-confidence and social skills. “We’re passionate about enriching kids’ lives, building self-esteem, and introducing new ideas and subjects they might not ever experience – all through drawing,” she adds. 

As it serves a niche market of children aged from 3 to 13, Bette and her team approach adults i.e., parents. The company empowers kids’ parents by providing a learning opportunity to develop their children’s artistic skills. “Primarily, we appeal to parents because Young Rembrandts is a fun, nurturing class that has impressive outcomes for their children,” she says. Meanwhile, it has partnered with various schools, daycares, or community centers so that such partnered facilities can highlight the extension of the company’s program. “Whether it be before school or after school, parents enjoy knowing their kids are cared for and are learning something fun while they complete their other tasks or work,” she continues. 

Relationship Business is also an Art

The market is filled with other potential art programs. But Young Rembrandts, with its unique core teaching methods and remarkable curriculum, has made a successful stature for itself. “We love seeing a community with a lot of art – it’s powerful to see that hunger and respect for the arts,” says Bette. Implying that Young Rembrandts fit in well in such communities, despite the intense competition. She claims that students who excel at drawing are better prepared to graduate, grow, and experiment with a wider range of art forms.

She comprehends the significance of being in the children’s education enrichment industry and shares her concerns with the parents who are seeking to develop their children’s academic learning experience. Investing in this industry is a good choice as it guarantees emotional and financial rewards. “It is an opportunity to have a business that is impactful in the community and truly make a difference with children,” says Bette. Young Rembrandts portrays this opportunity exclusively; it has a strong, supportive system which adds to the success factor in launching a business. Through its proven business model, it has been able to attain and maintain a track record of success by offering a proprietary curriculum. 

“Whether it be before school or after school, parents enjoy knowing their kids are cared for and are learning something fun while they complete their other tasks or work.”

By quoting, “We love putting the A in STEM and creating STEAM!” she emphasizes that parents are thrilled with the accomplishments of children in a Young Rembrandts classroom. The efforts taken by this franchise is astonishing as it helps kids develop confidence and self-esteem through art. It has earned a reputation as a dependable and cherished program in the enrichment industry which is highly valued by educators, thus making it a correct choice for franchise. To become a franchisee of Young Rembrandts, one must be of business acumen and exemplary at communicating skills. As it is a relationship business and gives more importance to leadership and organizational skills, it expects budding franchisees to embrace the vision and mission of Young Rembrandts. That is to combine the love of art with compassion towards children to teach, empower and build confidence that goes beyond art. “We love art and children. We find joy when we teach children to draw and witness their growth, success, and delight,” she asserts. Moreover, it hopes that these franchise license buyers will empower and motivate their teaching staff in delivering a quality experience in the classroom to the students. “Hence, our model is very much a team-building business,” she claims. Later, it offers continuous support, a dedicated coach throughout the term of the contract, a mentor program, one on one specialized training, and an intranet with a stored library of best practices in all parts of the business, which franchisees can access 24/7. Thus, making Young Rembrandts the perfect choice for any newcomer to be a part of.  

Increasing the Reach

Though Young Rembrandts has been constantly offering virtual product lines, it has never shifted its focus from personalized instruction. It will be supporting and coaching its current and new franchisees in their businesses. At Young Rembrandts, Bette and her team are constantly evolving and growing in refining its system and processes as they find it is a must to keep up with the market and most importantly with the needs of the parents and students. They are constantly excited to positively impact children in new ways by fostering in them a passion for painting and drawing. In the upcoming post-COVID-19 era, Young Rembrandts wants to reach as many children as possible. “We have a lot of international growth currently in the works and more will continue to expand internationally as well as domestically,” says Bette. 

For more information contact: jamie.breeden@youngrembrandts.com.


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