October 12, 2021

Foxy Box Laser + Wax Bar: Revolutionizing the waxing experience

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Every business vertical has some key players who write the rules of the game and determine how the game is played. They dominate the industry and seem to own it. However, once in a while comes a player who challenges everything. One such player in Foxy Box Wax Bar. Established in 2012 by CEO & Founder Kyla Dufresne, Foxy Box Laser + Wax Bar is a brand that has completely changed the way business is done. The company is setting new industry benchmarks that others could only think of. Founded on the belief that feeling Foxy is not a luxury, but a basic human right, Foxy Box, within a short period has outgrown other key players to become one of the biggest and busiest wax bars in town. 

It all started when Kyla noticed the lack of a convenient wax and instantly decided to do something about it. Kyla knew that just launching a wax bar was not enough and that the experience had to be different, best in class, and appealing to everyone. Kyla thus launched Foxy Box Wax Bar with an intent to offer an experience that had never been offered before. 

“We are about the business of hair removal, the future of female empowerment, and shaking things up along the way,” -Kyla Dufresne, Founder & CEO, Foxy Box Wax Bar.

Attitude makes a difference

As personal grooming plays a crucial role in the life of every woman, she needs to get the best of it. Kyla believes that every woman deserves to look good, feel good and live life on her terms. At Foxy Box, Kyla and her staff ensure that every woman is treated like a queen and gets the treatment she deserves. But for Kyla, waxing is not just a part of grooming, it is something that liberates women and gives them a sense of freedom. When asked, Kyla mentions, “What we truly sell though, is what women need most, Self-Empowerment. By educating and reconnecting women with self and what they truly want. We empower them to shift from invisible to powerful and from shame to celebration.” Swearing by self-empowerment, Kyla with her contagious energy and passion has instilled her vision in her team which enables them to view waxing differently: A way of making women feel powerful and proud in their skin. They call it the ‘Foxy effect’ and the same has been inundated in their marketing strategies too.

Since its launch, Foxy Box has grown and evolved as a team every year. This has helped them maintain their lead year after year. In the year 2019, the company introduced laser hair removal which is an expensive technology, has greater margins, and has proved to be a game-changer for the brand. Moreover, they also launched the membership model where at just $39 a month they offer their clients the privilege to join the Fox Club with access to one Brazilian per month, any 10-minute service for just $10, and 15% off products all of the time.

Interestingly, Foxy Box doesn’t face cutthroat competition as in the hotel or food industry. Apart from a few players like Fuzz and Waxon which are based in central Canada, Kyla does not see any competition in sight. Though both the brands are awesome and have an incredibly strong presence in the market, Foxy Box with its own aura, appeals differently to its customers and its franchise partners. At Foxy Box, they very passionately offer their clients total convenience, unmatched consistency, and the best waxing experience ever. 

“What we truly sell though, is what women need most, Self-Empowerment. By educating and reconnecting women with self and what they truly want. We empower them to shift from invisible to powerful and from shame to celebration.”

Growth is their core focus

Having been founded in the back of a jewelry store, Foxy Box has grown from one location to 6, soon to be 10 stores. With their unwavering focus, strong desire to rewrite the industry rules, and the innate ability to connect & engage with their customers, Foxy Box has rapidly earned the trust of many and grown from word of mouth. “There are so many essential ingredients that make the foxy recipe successful and help us stay abreast with the increasing competition in our industry,” says Kyla. Essentially, it is due to its “keep getting better” attitude that Foxy Box maintains a 4.8/5-star review average with over 600 Facebook and Google. These ratings are certainly an indication of the amount of hard work they put in. “We live and breathe our core values and these translate into the magnetic Foxy Box Experience that is felt across BC,” adds Kyla. 

Giving it back 

Having achieved stupendous success, Foxy Box understands the importance of giving it back to society and the world. They consider it their responsibility to contribute to the betterment of the ambient world and create as little carbon footprint as possible. By hosting Foxy Fest, which is its annual event, Foxy Box takes an opportunity to unite and celebrate being a woman while raising money for local charities in each city that hosts a Foxy Box Shop. Over the last 3 years, Foxy Box Wax Bar has raised more than $10,000, in support of local charities that support women.

Recently, Foxy Box became a Green Circle certified sustainable salon and is super excited to do its part by keeping its waste out of landfills. On one end where salons on average send 877 pounds of waste to the landfills every minute, Foxy Box is displaying extraordinary commitments towards protecting the natural heritage around. Taking their love for nature to the next level, Foxy Box has a system in place which converts all of its waste into energy and the remnants get used in paving roads, etc.

Why Foxy Box franchise is the real deal?

Waxing in general is quite an aged concept. However, the wax-specific business model coupled with quality service is a concept that is quite new and holds a lot of business potential. Where the personal waxing and salon industry grew at an average of 7.6 percent annually between 2010 and 2015, in 2017 the value of the global hair removal market amounted to a massive 880.2 million dollars. By 2022 that figure is expected to rise to about 1.35 billion U.S. dollars, which is a 9% Compound Annual Growth Rate. 

Having systemized their processes and created a winning brand that can be easily scaled and replicated, Foxy Box offers aspiring entrepreneurs an opportunity in this booming industry to own a franchise business that is creating ripples across Canada. At Foxy Box, the business model is designed to offer its franchises massive growth and business potential. With a model which holds growth and passion at its core, the franchisees get a chance to be a part of a leading brand, which within a short period has created record growth for itself and its business allies. Armed with its signature Foxy Box Waxing Technique and its robust marketing model, Foxy Box Wax Bar’s franchise partners get access to all the training and resources that empower them to face the real business world and deliver what they are expected to. Post the initial training, the franchisees receive operational support which prepares them to handle challenges in advance, marketing support, purchasing support, and R&D support.

Within just 9 years of its establishment, Foxy Box stands today as a brand people look up to. As a brand that thrives on business ethics, transparent policies, and honest intentions to help people realize their entrepreneurial dreams, Foxy Box Laser + Wax Bar is indeed a market leader in the making.


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