UnfoldLabs: Think, Create, Innovate!

October 18, 2023

UnfoldLabs: Think, Create, Innovate!

UnfoldLabs Inc is an innovation-driven technology company that has consistently pushed the boundaries of the industry, leading the way in technological advancements. With a commitment to addressing real-world challenges, it has developed a portfolio of innovative products for mobile and cloud platforms. Innovation, customer-centricity, and ethical excellence are the three core principles that have driven the establishment of a remarkable and reliable cybersecurity solution provider. Asokan Ashok, the CEO, has successfully led this innovative company to consistently push to exceed the expectations of its clients through innovation. It was founded with a clear vision: to innovate and simplify people’s lives through technology. Its inspiration arises from a deep passion for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. These principles continue to shape UnfoldLabs, driving its success and impact in the world of technology.

The innovative products and solutions company has offices situated in San Diego, California, with a development center in Hyderabad, India. It began its operations in 2015 and, since then, has grown its team from 2 to 50. UnfoldLabs focuses on some of the real-world/user problems and creates products and solutions that focus on technology, customer experience (CX), and user experience (UX). The services include architecture, design, and development, with a strong focus on quality and customer satisfaction and a specialization in core technologies like AI, cloud computing, and mobility. The products and solutions at UnfoldLabs focus on simplifying user experiences, regular product updates, and real-world analytics. This dedication to innovation, customization, and user-centricity has made UnfoldLabs a unique and reliable choice in the cybersecurity landscape.

Products Making a Mark

UnfoldLabs’ mission is to transform ingenious ideas into groundbreaking products and solutions that address real-world challenges. It focuses on innovation, problem-solving, and a deep understanding of customer needs to make a tangible impact on people’s lives. The leadership team at UnfoldLabs envisions a future where the company continues to lead as a visionary force in the technology industry. Asokan and his team aim to reshape the technological landscape by creating meaningful solutions that simplify lives and redefine interactions with technology while fostering a culture of diversity, equity, and innovation. The cybersecurity solution has a strong commitment to innovation, client-centricity, and a culture that encourages feedback and continuous learning.

UnfoldLabs and its products distinguish themselves from the competition with an innovative approach toward creating secure solutions with users, data, privacy, and security in mind. While many providers offer standard cybersecurity solutions, UnfoldLabs goes above and beyond by developing products and services that are customized to address specific client needs with security in mind. Its commitment to user feedback and continuous improvement ensures that the company’s solutions are always evolving to meet the latest cybersecurity challenges. Its products take a ‘security first’ approach to development. It has a diverse range of products and services, including platforms for digital parenting, mobile device management, and kiosk mode launcher solutions. Its leadership emphasizes a culture of innovation, collaboration, and diversity, contributing to its success in the global technology landscape.

The company claims that it acquires a host of innovative and creative products that solve human problems globally. One of the products is 2020AppLock, which locks devices and/or applications from unauthorized users, thus restricting access to sensitive information on the device. Another product is an Android kiosk mode launcher that puts the devices in kiosk mode, which restricts users from using any of the unauthorized applications on the devices. It stands out by actively engaging with user feedback to continually improve and adapt its offerings to the ever-evolving technology landscape, making a mark in cybersecurity and user experience. Its solutions go through good testing to make sure that the data packets are securely transmitted over the network and that user data is secure and securely managed.

UnfoldLabs: Think, Create, Innovate!
Asokan Ashok

Safeguarding sensitive data

UnfoldLabs places paramount importance on data security and client information protection. It employs industry-standard encryption techniques to secure data in transit and at rest. Its rigorous access control policies ensure that only authorized personnel can access sensitive client information, with regular reviews and updates to align with evolving requirements. To prevent data loss, it tries to maintain redundant systems and conduct routine backups. It utilizes a robust set of tools and methodologies to deliver cutting-edge, secure solutions. Its approach combines advanced threat detection technologies, real-time monitoring, and proactive security measures. It employs industry-standard tools like intrusion detection systems, firewalls, and encryption methods to safeguard sensitive data.

Additionally, the team follows best practices in vulnerability assessment and penetration testing to identify and mitigate potential security risks with its products and solutions. “We do continuous updates to our products and solutions that keep our systems abreast of emerging threats that are integral to our security strategy,” he mentions. “Our customer-centric approach ensures that our solutions are tailored to meet the unique security needs of each client.

Its cybersecurity team conducts frequent security audits, vulnerability assessments, and penetration testing. All employees undergo comprehensive data security training; it pursues cybersecurity certifications, customizing security protocols to meet the needs of products and solutions. Moreover, the company places utmost significance on compliance with cybersecurity laws, regulations, standards, and frameworks. It maintains an up-to-date understanding of relevant requirements and continually monitors changes in the cybersecurity landscape. Regular audits assess UnfoldLabs’s compliance while also adhering to industry-specific regulations such as GDPR, where applicable. Its cybersecurity protocols are customized to meet the specific compliance needs of each client, with legal experts consulted to ensure legal requirements are met. It maintains meticulous documentation of compliance efforts and commits to ongoing monitoring, ensuring its projects consistently adhere to relevant legal and regulatory standards. “We also don’t collect data when it is not needed. Data collected is kept securely encrypted, which is very important,” Ashok adds. “In the event of a security incident, we have a well-defined incident response plan to mitigate potential damage and notify affected parties promptly. Our unwavering commitment to data security remains at the core of UnfoldLabs operations.”

A ‘zero-trust’ approach

UnfoldLabs is getting ready for significant changes in protecting against cyber threats. Threats are prone to getting advanced with evolving technology; thus, the requirement for better security measures is imminent. These threats are spotted by AI and machine learning, which automatically stop them. The company is also adopting a ‘zero-trust’ approach. “Quantum computing is another challenge, making encryption and security more complicated,” says Asokan. Moreover, the company is still dealing with threats caused by people; hence, it asks users to be more careful. UnfoldLabs is always on the cutting edge of technology in cybersecurity and will continuously adapt to keep its products, solutions, and consumers protected. To be abreast of the whole industry, which is quickly evolving, the company must demand the necessary transformations and advancements. UnfoldLabs expects changes in the landscape such as AI and machine learning in cybersecurity, the rise of zero trust architectures, quantum computing and post-quantum cryptography, regulatory and compliance changes, and cybersecurity as a business priority.

UnfoldLabs is firmly committed to upholding ethical standards in its cybersecurity efforts. To effectively address ethical dilemmas and conflicts of interest, it had to implement a comprehensive framework. This framework includes clear and rigorous ethical policies, ongoing ethical training for its team, and mechanisms for identifying and mitigating conflicts of interest when they arise. It encourages transparency through a whistleblower mechanism that enables employees to report concerns without fear of reprisal. For more complex ethical issues, it has an independent ethics committee to review and provide guidance. Ultimately, its client-centric approach and adherence to legal and regulatory compliance ensure that the company consistently makes ethical decisions in its cybersecurity endeavors.

Unfold the Technology Landscape

In the upcoming 3 to 7 years, UnfoldLabs recognizes that regulatory changes in data privacy and security will be a key factor influencing product development. It is committed to closely monitoring these evolving regulations and adapting to ensure full compliance, with the assistance of legal experts when needed. Additionally, rapid technological advancements, including AI, quantum computing, and IoT, will shape the cybersecurity landscape, and UnfoldLabs is dedicated to remaining at the forefront of innovation by integrating these technologies into its solutions.

In the competitive market, its strategy revolves around differentiation through innovation, a strong customer focus, and unwavering ethical standards. These principles guide the efforts to sustain the company’s competency, ensuring long-term success in the dynamic technology landscape. UnfoldLabs envisions a future where innovation drives the approach. It attempts to integrate emerging technologies to stay ahead of cyber threats and deliver cutting-edge solutions. It also plans to expand its global presence, making its expertise and solutions accessible to a wider range of clients. Its commitment to building a strong cybersecurity community through knowledge sharing and collaboration with industry peers and experts will continue to be a focal point of UnfoldLabs’s efforts.

To stay relevant, UnfoldLabs plans to be nimble, remain vigilant, adaptable, and proactive in response to trends in technology to effectively navigate the evolving technology and human landscape. The company believes that delivering technology solutions for humanity is not just a moral imperative but also an essential strategy for addressing global challenges and creating a more equitable, sustainable, and prosperous world for all.


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