Amit On, Founder & CEO, CallApp.

March 9, 2021

Transforming the mobile communication experience

Like many of us, Amit On also struggled with routine spam calls and was frustrated by these unknown callers interrupting him in the middle of important meetings or tasks at hand. However, being a software engineer and an experienced entrepreneur, his way to approach this issue was a bit different than most of us. He decided to sort out this matter once and for all, deciding to use his expertise and skills to launch CallApp, a call identification application that offers far more than just the ability to identify numbers that are already saved as contacts. Operating in this industry for 9 years already CallApp has 85 million users worldwide and is on the mission to make sure all their users always know who’s calling. The mobile application combines all the data from over 70 different information sources including social networks and communication apps. As a free caller ID and phone call blocker app, it allows mobile users to block phone calls, record calls, identify telemarketing calls, blacklist unwanted callers, and even reminds users to make calls. It also allows users to manage or record their calls for free with the highest quality. Users are able to personalize their call experience as well. To learn more about Amit’s vision and inspiration behind this venture, we sat down with him, and here’s what he has to say. 

“ My secret to success would surely be the fact that no matter what I do, I always make sure that it’s something I’m incredibly passionate about and believe in strongly. That way, it feels like I never really worked a day in life, and it ensures that I look forward to every challenge that may come my way.”

Aspioneer (A): Please share with us a little bit about your past. How did your formative years lead you to achieve the platform you are at today?  

Amit On (AO): I’m proud to share that CallApp is, in fact, my third business venture and that I’ve already been fortunate enough to be the C-Level of two other successful companies that were acquired respectively. There’s no doubt that my past entrepreneurial experiences have assisted me in bringing CallApp to what it’s become today. Here at CallApp, we’re not just another Caller ID app. Not only is our identification technology more advanced than any other, able to identify numbers that aren’t saved as a contact and even numbers from text messages and WhatsApp, but we also offer unique data relevant to each specific user. This provides a calling experience that goes far beyond what even the most innovative smartphones offer as a built-in service. CallApp users are given the chance to customize every aspect of their calls, as well as increase their productivity through the use of innovative AI calling features. Our biggest concern, however, is of course spam and scam calls that target innocent victims, taking up their precious time, and sometimes even their hard-earned money. That’s why our technology offers a fool-proof solution to these undeniable issues.   

(A): As a CEO, what’s your approach to creating an inclusive work environment where every individual feels motivated to work hard and polish their skill?  

(AO): As a startup, my small, close-knit team understands the need to not only work hard and constantly think outside the box but also to work together. There is a mutual understanding within CallApp that we’re in this together, working for a common goal of making our app the best it can possibly be. This is something I really value about my company – there is no ego here, and we’re also all about the laughs too. There is no such thing as ‘not my job’ and I can proudly say that every member of the CallApp team is always happy to step in to offer their perspective and assistance wherever needed. I believe that this not only helps to keep our team motivated around the clock but also helps us grow together and release the full potential of every member of the amazing team. Every day is a chance to learn something new from one another.  

(A): Is there any specific recipe behind your success such as certain skills that you may have acquired over the years during your experience as an entrepreneur and C-level executive at various organizations?  

(AO): My secret to success would surely be the fact that no matter what I do, I always make sure that it’s something I’m incredibly passionate about and believe in strongly. That way, it feels like I never really worked a day in life, and it ensures that I look forward to every challenge that may come my way. Also, while some people look to avoid challenges wherever possible, I aim to find them and conquer them. I see every challenge as an opportunity for growth and a chance to break new barriers. Knowing the success that awaits me at the end of the tunnel always keeps me going.

Amit On, Founder & CEO, CallApp.
Amit On, Founder & CEO, CallApp.

“Something I really value about my company – there is no ego here, and we’re also all about the laughs too.”

(A): How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted your business? Has it changed your business model, if at all? How are you adapting your operations and planning for the future? 

(AO): At the moment, we’re still working partially from home, and while we all surely miss the routine of coming to the office daily, I am confident that we will continue to succeed no matter what changes we need to implement for the safety of our team. While the current COVID-19 restrictions where we’re located do in fact allow for private sector businesses to work as usual, many of our team members are parents of children who haven’t fully returned to school just yet, which is why we need to continue to leave the option of working from home open. We understand the need to support our team during this uncertain time, offering them a chance to continue to work as comfortably as possible. 

(A): What does a typical day for you look like? How do you manage the balance between driving the business, overseeing daily operations, finding time for family, and your passion? 

(AO): Well, with three young children at home, it tends to start slightly earlier than I would like, but at the end of the day, I’m grateful to have that extra push to get an early start and make the most of every moment. No day is the same, with constant action, excitement, and challenges from every direction, even when I least expect it, but that’s the beauty of running a startup. There’s really never a dull moment at CallApp! My passion would without a doubt be my family, and I consider myself lucky to not only live within walking distance to the office but also to have found the right work-life balance. Over the years of being a father, I’ve learned the importance of setting boundaries while still ensuring that my goals and deadlines are achieved. 

(A): What are your current goals? How are you planning to reach the mark that you have set for yourself and CallApp as an enterprise? Basically, what is next in your life, and what would be your endgame? 

(AO): My current goals are to continue to lead CallApp at the same unbelievable pace that it’s already seen over the past few years and reach numbers that no one ever thought possible. I’m constantly researching, reading, listening, asking, and doing everything possible to continue to develop as the chief of this incredible company and product. Not only am I convinced that the future of communication lies with CallApp, but it has already started to prove itself to be paving the way. So, what’s my endgame? To continue to lead CallApp to be the world’s largest, most innovative calling technology across the globe – known to protect innocent people from unfortunate scams, and provide everyone with the chance to ‘always know who’s calling’ no matter what kind of malicious technologies may be released in the future. Under my supervision, CallApp will always be there to outdo any technology.


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