October 11, 2022

Tania Amar: A Leadership Maestro

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Tania Amar, the Founder and CEO of CXP Consulting, was selected among the 10 Most Exceptional Women Leaders to Watch, 2022.

Tania is changing the way siloes between sales and marketing are managed. By constantly upgrading her knowledge, skills, and expertise, Tania always remains on top of every challenge she faces. Her commitment to work is simply unparalleled, and her hunger to perform just keeps growing. A down-to-earth person, Tania is an excellent example of clarity, vision, relentlessness, and resilience. As true leader, Tania understands the dynamics of the industry, and her vision for the organization is extremely ambitious.

In an interview with Tania, we learned about her journey from a corporate executive to a successful entrepreneur, her inspirations, and her upcoming projects. Below are the highlights.

PerceptivX (P): Thank you for doing this with us, Tania. Could you tell us a bit about yourself and CXP Consulting?

Tania Amar (T): “I founded CXP after an extensive corporate career of more than 20 years as the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of global multibillion-dollar high-tech corporations such as NICE Systems (the #1 high-tech company in Israel, valued at $17 billion), Click Software (acquired by Salesforce in 2019 for $1.5 billion), and JVP (managing above $1.5 billion of funding). CXP Consulting empowers business leaders to build agile marketing and sales machines that will effectively help them achieve (and often surpass) their business goals. We generally come in before a major strategic milestone in the company’s lifecycle, such as exiting from stealth mode, fundraising, expansion into new geographies or new vertical markets, or a new product launch. We work with leaders who understand that to make a big impact in highly competitive markets, they ought to delineate a strong and differentiated positioning and smartly execute their GTM (go-to-market). The way we integrate the disciplines of StoryTelling and StorySelling is very unique in the landscape of tech consulting firms in Israel and internationally. We are based at the heart of the Startup Nation, near Tel Aviv. We also have international activities, mostly with clients in Paris, France, the country where I was born and raised.”

(P): What led you to entrepreneurship? How did you prepare yourself for the challenges on your way to success?

(T): “Throughout my career, I realized that I have developed the very special and sought-after skill of crafting unique business stories that touch people. As a consultant, I could offer these skills to a much bigger number of companies than with a corporate job. After 7 years in business, I am excited to say that we have empowered dozens of revolutionary technologies and amazing startup teams to achieve the success they deserve and make a difference in people’s lives with our unique integrated StoryTelling and StorySelling model.

 I love being in movement and constantly challenging the status quo. I also avoid making purely rational choices and prefer to allow my intuitions to guide me. This drove me to make extremely radical changes in my life, such as moving from France to Israel, where I restarted my career in my late 20s, or leaving a “comfortable” corporate life to set up my consulting practice in my late 40s. This requires a flexible mindset, the ability to understand and adapt quickly to new circumstances, and the ability to manage the fear of failure. Personally, my biggest fear would be to be stuck in a place that’s not right for me, preventing me from learning and growing.”

Tania Amar, the Founder and CEO of CXP Consulting

(P): How do you usually unwind?

(T): “Creativity is an extremely important part of my job, which combines both intensive research and concept creation and copywriting. I find a lot of inspiration in music, which I have practiced as a singer in vocal ensembles since my teenage years. I am also a passionate traveler. Since the beginning of 2022, I’ve started some “relocation” experiences, spending a few weeks each time in a different country. “This is my new digital traveler journey, which helps to foster creativity as well as work-life balance.”

(P): You are an inspiration for many. But who inspires you the most?

(T): “I had the chance to have a very strong and inspirational mother. I always admired her high energy and sense of initiative. She was ahead of her time on many occasions. Her ability to re-invent herself over and over again and her self-confidence were outstanding. No challenge was ever too big for her or too soon to start. Among the women leaders who inspire me are some of the “She-entrepreneurs” (I like this expression better than “female” entrepreneurs) with whom I have the privilege to work in my consulting, coaching, and start-up mentoring activities. A common characteristic stands out among these exceptional ladies. They strive to achieve a big vision that will make a significant impact on people. Financial reward and personal status are rarely their top priorities, and this is impressive to me. I also recently discovered the Chief, a private network of executive women on a mission to change the face of women’s leadership, co-founded by Lindsay Kaplan and Carolyn Childers. What these amazing ladies have accomplished in just a few years is unbelievable, with more than 10,000 (!!) women joining the network. I’d love the opportunity to extend this inspiring community to the Israeli tech eco-system, where the number of women at the top is still much too low.”

(P): How does a typical day for you go? How do you keep yourself updated?

(T): “There is no such thing as a “typical” day, and that’s what I love about my job. I get to explore new worlds and business domains all the time. It’s not rare that within a single working day I get to literally jump between 5 or 6 different domains such as biotech, e-commerce, fintech, 3D printing, cyber, agtech, and AI. I enjoy this diversity a lot, and I believe this brings great value to my customers. In this context, I need to make sure I keep constantly updated on the global tech landscape. My (almost) daily practice is to listen to my favorite podcasts during morning beach walks. I also read inspiring digital business books, especially the ones recommended by leaders that I follow and trust, like Seth Godin, Bill Gates, or Dr. Ichak Adizes.”

(P): Last but not least, is there an exciting project coming up?

(T): “I am very excited about my new initiative of investing in startups. My objective is not just to get a financial return, but to be actively involved in the company’s success and contribute to a better world. I recently found such a company and decided to make my first steps as an angel investor. The startup is a medical equipment company called 270Surgical. They help surgeons perform minimally invasive surgeries with more ease and safety for patients by offering a broad 270-degree field of view. Surgeons’ feedback has been overwhelming and I am very optimistic that more and more hospitals will adopt this groundbreaking visualization technology. The impact will be huge on human health. I am hoping that more great opportunities like this one will come my way in the future.


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