Meet Syedun Nessa, the CEO and co-founder of Bee Technology & Research Hub (BTRH), one such dynamic personality in the vast sphere of IT.

April 26, 2023

Syedun Nessa is disrupting the IT industry with BEE Tech 

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A real business leader has a dream to create a product that challenges convention and advances the creation of a better world from the moment they are born. People who can present the necessary improvements to end stagnation and vigorously speed up the process Right now, the world desperately needs leaders who can harness technology and seamlessly integrate business-related elements. Meet Syedun Nessa, the CEO and co-founder of Bee Technology & Research Hub (BTRH), one such dynamic personality in the vast sphere of IT.

Her journey 

Syedun’s story is inspiring. Since her early childhood, she has always had a thirst for seeking knowledge of her surroundings. She highlights, “I can’t learn by rote until I am clear about the concept of why I am reading these and where I should use them.” While graduating with a B.Sc. in CSE in 2016, she completed her pilot training at a private company in Bangladesh. During the final semester, she fully concentrated on research & thesis activities and started to apply to and compete in hackathons to justify herself. There, she received a national award for one of her projects, which was based on environmental pollution in 2017. Simultaneously, she has been working on freelancing platforms as a developer since 2015. As a result of their work already being widely recognized, she and her team decided to work for customers as a business.

Her first part-time job started at Grameen Phone as a Customer Service Executive, which is a company of Telenor. However, in 2017, she started her full-time job in a private bank which was one of the most reputed banks in Bangladesh in the foreign trade department. However, during these years, she began to feel as though something was missing and found it difficult to relate her education to her profession; she was also barely enjoying it. Thus, she quit all her jobs and decided to work with her own team at her own company full-time in 2019. Though Legally, my company started in 2016,” Syedun adds.

About Bee Technology & Research Hub

BTRH has 64 sub-branches nationally and two international branches. She and her team work in volatile environments with larger volumes of sensitive data; thus, the company’s highly experienced team strives to reduce risk, improve performance, and promote sustainable business. They innovate not only in terms of technologies but also in terms of how the business handles projects and offers solutions. Bee Technology & Research Hub’s expertise in scripting, development, consulting, project management, training, and support, combined with its relentless quest for customer satisfaction through on-time, on-budget, and delivery of complex solutions, has earned Bee Tech a reputation in the industry. 

The company’s goal is to establish a solid reputation as a company that offers high-quality, trustworthy solutions and services in the ICT sector. Its mission is to provide high-quality goods and services at competitive prices in order to satisfy every consumer. The establishment of research incubated in Bangladesh. Its long-term goal is to strive to be a leader in technology-based business solutions in order to command an unshakeable response from the chosen niche. The sky is the limit for Syedun and her team when it comes to improvisational skills, and they are always ready to improve their business’s triumphs. “We want to keep growing and are already in the process of embarking on this journey,” she mentions.

The company describes itself as an umbrella for innovation and technology to make life easier for industrialists and personnel. It is a reputable company that specializes in offering software solutions, many of them free or discounted; compatible programs and applications across a variety of platforms, including computers and phones; a dependable source of knowledge for consultancy; and a sizable user base for marketers. BTRH always welcomes healthy competition in service and product quality. “It is the most value we bring to customers, as we are empathized with and open to customization as much as possible as per the client’s demand,” Syedun mentions

Syedun Nessa is disrupting the IT industry with BEE Tech 

The sweetness of success

Syedun believes that without failure, one can experience the bliss of success. According to her, everyone faces obstacles, but the key issue is maintaining focus while switching between techniques, tools, and artisans. She, too, experienced her share of setbacks, but she rose from them like a phoenix. Her motive in life is to create a community that can help humanity. She asserts, “Don’t work that takes your sleep because of fear, but if that sleepless night happens from your passion or madness, then go for it.” She enjoyed every moment, even when she was working. She is an optimistic thinker, and her vibrant aura has oscillated to spread positive energy that can facilitate success. Though she has shown great hard work to achieve success, she is grateful to her peers, her immensely supportive family, her business partner ‘Sami Abdullah’, and last but not least, her cherished customers who put their trust in her company.

Syedun is a humble leader. No matter how successful one becomes, in her opinion, one should never lose sight of reality. She is eager to pick up new knowledge from a variety of sources, but she particularly enjoys reading books and putting it to use in her work. She is a customer-focused company leader because she pays attention to her customers’ needs and makes an effort to meet them. She respects the insight of her staff and their support in establishing connections with other associations. In addition, she has developed a platform to support young people and businesses and conducts chat shows. She also keeps up with industry trends and the newest technologies, and she is aware of regular updates throughout the world.

Exploring new frontiers

BTRH will be focusing on shifts in global economic power, demographic change, rapid urbanization, the rise of technology, unemployment, climate change, and resource scarcity. It consists of a team that is continuously working to mitigate the risk factors based on financial strategies and business growth trends. She comprehends that the future of business lies in the IT industry. “Just because you know something doesn’t mean you are an expert in that area, and IT is all about coding,” she adds. She has observed four types of trends—economic, social, technological, and regulatory—and believes that IT will assist a business to reach its desired goals; she feels honored to contribute to such evolution. According to her, one should never refuse a customer; working in collaboration has a greater impact than doing it alone. She has never compromised on quality while keeping costs competitive, and she advises every aspiring business executive to do the same. Currently, she is particularly interested in working for awareness, empowerment, and employment activities in the IT industries. She sees her company becoming a full-phase MNC in another one to two years with 24/7 customer support around the globe.


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