Stacy Cason, Founder & CEO, Planetarie.

March 8, 2021

Leading the CBD industry in clean extraction technology

Stacy Cason is the Founder and CEO of Planetarie — a water extraction and consumer CBD company that is revolutionizing the way hemp is processed to extract cannabinoids by using a more natural and unique way that doesn’t call for the use of harsh chemicals, heat or pressure. 

Growing up on a ranch, Stacy Cason picked up some useful life skills that are necessary to be resourceful as a human being and a hemp entrepreneur. Though she has had quite some career changes in life as a professional before she got here, her focus was simply to gain vital information and skills in each workplace, whether it was working as a registered nurse in the ICU, an Anesthetist, or a commercial real estate developer. Stacy believes she learned her values as a professional from her family and community, her teachers, and the books she has read over the years. But the person that ultimately inspires her to stay focused on these values would be her cousin and mentor Sandy Putman. As for her venture, Stacy started the hemp business because she was interested in the healing and medicinal potential of Cannabis Sativa but was concerned about the way it is extracted and produced. Having a personal experience of seeing how awful the side effects of opioids can be while working as an anesthesia provider, she was determined to find a better, safer, and more natural alternative.

“We raised the bar on quality to optimize your wellness in a manner that is closer to nature, healthier for the plant & planet, and the most bioavailable for people.”

Reimagining hemp extract

Launched in August 2018, Planetarie is located in Evans, Colorado but they ship to multiple places both nationally and internationally for distribution. Speaking of their mission, Stacy asserts, “Through science and with great passion, by perseverance and empathy, and in bold expectation, we exist to revolutionize wholeness for all living beings and our world.”  

Planetarie aims to do that by reimaging the hemp extract. The way Planetarie extracts Cannabinoids requires processing it with water which ultimately yields a product as close to the plant as possible and retains all its benefits without adding anything harmful. Stacy exclaims, “It’s the art of combining science and nature to create human well being.” Planetarie’s pioneering Water Extraction Technology (W.E.T.)TM preserves the raw form of hemp and successfully extracts cannabinoids such as CBDa (an acidic precursor to CBD), as well as CBGa, THCa, CBDVa, and more. Moreover, the reason why the company prefers extracting cannabinoids using water against chemical/heat/ pressure extraction is not just one but a complete list which is evident from the extensive research conducted on CBDa and the way it not only benefits the user but also the rest of the planet. Not just the process is non-destructive for the plant but it also preserves the environment by excluding a harmful process that leaves behind waste and toxins. 

The end result is a chemical-free, additive-free, natural, and unique product which is otherwise not possible as the traditional extraction methods damage the rawness of the plant and leave behind an average product with lots of waste. Without any doubt, this natural, raw, purer, cleaner and potent CBDa is much better than any other CBD available in the market. 

Also, for CBD, quality often depends on various factors such as source, farmer, or manufacturers, while Planetarie’s CBDa comes from single ownership of the complete chain of custody from farm to product which ensures more accountability and hence quality. Planetarie’s products are great for pain, inflammation, anxiety, insomnia, addiction to opioids, or just overall well-being. And before anybody worries, all their products are tested for less than 0.3% THC. So, it’s all USDA-certified organic, healing, and natural. 

“We raised the bar on quality to optimize your wellness in a manner that is closer to nature, healthier for the plant & planet, and the most bioavailable for people,” declares Stacy.

At Planetarie, they are simply in this for good and offer complete transparency in terms of the production, quality, and potency of their products. All their products are third-party tested, farm-bill compliant, and come with a certificate of analysis for each bath which is accessible online.  

In between a pandemic 

When asked how coronavirus impacted her business, Stacy shares, “We were preparing to launch our retail line in early 2020, which was slightly delayed, but we have actually grown in revenue this year. However, a few other items made operations difficult simultaneously.” She further adds, “Because we are still small and young, we have successfully made several pivots, which is key to success in difficult times I believe. We have expanded upon what is working and scaled back on what is not.” 

Being the CEO, when the pandemic initially began, Stacy’s other focus was well being of her team members. After thorough discussions about how to strengthen one’s immune system Stacy bought everyone Vitamin D & C. Besides, she frequently revisits personal health strategies and keeps a check on the mental health of all employees as well.  

Throwing more light on her leadership style, for Stacy, it is all about leading by example. She tells Aspioneer, “Our team all knows that I am committed and work hard for the company. I aim to keep communication lines open and honest, have face time with each person weekly. I believe in leading with integrity and honesty. I do not micro-manage anyone.” 

Stacy Cason, Founder & CEO, Planetarie.
Stacy Cason, Founder & CEO, Planetarie.

“I am determined/driven (sometimes stubborn), and able to accomplish where others would surrender.”

Towards personal growth and development 

As an individual, Stacy is someone who reads a lot, especially about the things she is unsure of or just struggles with, and always focuses on learning and growing. Her recent favorites include: The Four Agreements, The Obstacle is the Way, Unshakeable, and The Meaning of Mariah Carey. To make sure she isn’t missing something, Stacy remains open for feedback both as a leader and human being and this is one of the things that make her an Inspiring CEO. Although, the pandemic has made her realize that it’s not too bad to sometimes slow down to have a personal life.  

Sharing what a normal day in her life looks like, she says, “I wake up, work out, shower & begin the workday. Most days I will work 12-16 hours, followed by dinner with wine, playtime with my dog, and finally, wind down for sleep.” Being someone who is not a morning person, Stacy adds by saying, “I prepare everything I can the night before: coffee, outfit, laptop charged, bags, etc. I will look at my calendar the night prior and ensure I am prepared for all meetings, allow space for meals, drive time, exercise, and my dog.” When she finds herself stuck creatively, Stacy meditates and looks outside at either the landscape in nature or the stars in the night sky for inspiration.  

Fun fact: Stacy is an Ironman and a bodybuilder who loves sports and, when she needs to unwind, her go-to is cycling and basketball along with music and playing the piano. In addition to this, she loves to travel and has been to all 50 states and 30 different countries. She adds, “One day I will write a book.” 

Approach to Success 

Speaking of the success, that Planetarie has managed to score within just two and a half years of operation, Stacy says, “We have built a culture of integrity, authenticity, and open honest communication. Those are vital characteristics to me. We openly praise accomplishments/breakthroughs, both large & small, have weekly roundtable discussions with leadership, and have weekly “family dinner” time at a paid family-style lunch with the whole team to be relaxed and included. Formal reviews are done every 6 months, and it is my goal that there are no surprises, in other words, enough frequent open feedback that each person, myself included, is kept apprised of their aptitude.”  

Besides, sharing what keeps her motivated even through the tough times, she adds, “I push hard, at times too hard for myself and my team, so keeping expectations and goals realistic without burnout is a challenge at times. Our products and the incredible feedback from our customers are so rewarding and ultimately that’s what keeps me going.”

Aiming for the best 

Planetarie’s largest market until now has been athletes, so they are striving to get as much feedback as they can and accordingly expand the products which are resonating with their customers. Recently, Planetarie has launched two new products this fall, and are soon going to start a Pet line as 2020 approaches its end. Beginning in the first quarter of the year 2021, they will be focusing on introducing their Women’s Line of products. Stacy asserts, “I see a big expansion into Europe over the coming years! The European customers have a greater emphasis on quality, and that is in alignment with our value proposition to offer the highest quality & most pure/natural cannabinoid products on the market.” 

Clearly, Stacy’s endgame is to have a true impact and get her products out to the market in a meaningful way for those who can benefit from this plant’s natural healing powers. To achieve this, she exclaims, “I have found the best balance to be when I keep the strategy & vision communicated foremost in our Monday morning meetings, delegate the daily operations to a manager, of course, available as needed, and check-in with my passions weekly. I am best when not in the “weeds” of the details, but stay at a high-level strategically.”  Overall, her mantra is resiliency. Beaming with confidence, she says, “I am determined/driven (sometimes stubborn), and able to accomplish where others would surrender.” 


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