December 30, 2022

Neha Gunnoo: Making Waves in Digital Marketing

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The Founder, and Senior Content Marketing Strategist of Luova Digital, Neha Gunnoo, is a dynamic leader who is redefining leadership. As a solopreneur, Neha is goal-oriented and has single-handedly led the organization to some major business breakthroughs. A living example of simple living and high thinking, Neha brings massive value to the organization and is deeply committed to helping her clients change the way they work, lead, and perform.

In an interview with PerceptivX, Neha shared how she blazed a trail and led her organization to unprecedented success. Below are the highlights.

Expanding Business Horizons

Neha Gunnoo: “I founded Luova Digital in 2021. Luova is a Finnish word that means the symbiosis of creativity and innovation. Luova Digital is all about crafting and creating new experiences for businesses in the digital marketing field. We help organizations increase their online visibility via organic reach and effective marketing strategies. Our company’s mission is to create creative experiences for businesses through storytelling so that they can connect with their target market more humanly.The B2B field is sometimes referred to as the “boring” niche, but with the right digital marketing strategies and creative ideas, even the most boring company can be attractive to its customers. And we work closely and brainstorm with the founders to develop their brand’s story on digital platforms. Luova Digital is a remote-based company and has clients in Mauritius, Europe, and the USA.”

Staying ahead of the curve

Neha Gunnoo: “I believe that our competitive advantage is that:

  • We bring six years of experience in the digital marketing field to help our customers rank higher on search engines. 
  • We believe and understand that every client and every business is different and that the same marketing processes won’t be applied everywhere; which is why we provide tailor-made packages and services. 
  • We care for our clients and work with them as if their business is one of our own, which is why brands trust us with their marketing growth.
  • We provide training in digital marketing (email marketing, Google ads search, social media marketing, and copywriting). 
  • We have partnered with several companies both locally and internationally, such as in the artificial intelligence field and programmatic advertising. 
  • We are constantly learning and growing our skill sets.”

The hurdles to excellence

Neha Gunnoo: “I started my freelance journey while I was still working in the corporate sector. It was to gain experience and build my portfolio of clients. In 2020, I quit my 9–5 job and decided to go full-time into entrepreneurship. I co-founded a startup called LeFinTech Ltd., which specializes in developing chatbots for SMEs. We were one of the finalists in the Turbine Test Drive 2019 and began our year-long incubation period. In 2021, I decided to build something on my own; hence, Luova was born. Of course, the entrepreneurial journey didn’t come without its challenges. It’s understandable that, as a new entrepreneur or business owner, there are many things to learn. For example, launching a new product on the Mauritius market was not an easy task. However, having a good business strategy, preparing yourself for business risks and failures, and, receiving the right mentorship right from the start is the key. So far, the entrepreneurial journey has been quite enriching. I’ve spoken at various events both locally and internationally; my last panel was during the Women in Tech Africa event, where I was also given an award for the title “Rising Star of the Year 2022″. Being recognized for my skills and the value that I bring to the table is another great feeling.”

Neha Gunnoo: Making Waves in Digital Marketing

Being herself

Neha Gunnoo: “Initially, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my career once I graduated. And I joined the first company where I was offered a job. I was in the project management field, and as much as it was challenging and interesting, I always felt like something was missing. I wanted to be someone who wakes up feeling excited and motivated about what she does every day. Those were the moments when I truly felt that I needed to do something different.

I’ve always thought that every startup should follow certain rules for success because this was what was taught during my first mentorship. Through my experiences and failures, I learned that every company and entrepreneur is unique. What may work for a specific company may not always work for another. And it’s very important to put this out, especially if you are a speaker, a leader, or a business coach. For example, not every business need seed funding to grow and be successful. I have met founders who have bootstrapped their startups completely and experienced huge growth in revenue and sales without investors. Likewise, I don’t have a specific “leader” who I follow. There are many leaders that I follow and learn from. But I believe that anyone who has been able to build their company from scratch, especially without seed funding, is commendable. Any leader who feels confident sharing their failures and mistakes is an inspiring leader to me.

I do not believe in the “hustle” culture anymore. My work is part of my life; it is not my life, and I make sure that it does not become my whole life. It’s important to set boundaries, even with clients, so that your work does not become a burden and does not take away from the other things that you love in your life. This is when you’ll be more productive in your business: having the right boundaries and knowing when to stop.”

Words of wisdom 

Neha Gunnoo: “It’s important to show young girls and women that they can have it all. The technology, digital, and innovation fields are not for a specific gender. With the right skills and passion, anyone can learn and grow in the tech field. I will always encourage women to go for what they want, and I appreciate all the other women who keep inspiring other women in the tech space.”

Technology and the future

Neha Gunnoo: “Luova Digital have already started new projects, such as offering beginner’s training to new entrepreneurs and SMEs. On top of that, we have increased our partner base across the international market in terms of AI and programmatic advertising.”


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