September 1, 2021

Mohammed Mubin Mallick: A visionary pioneering robotic innovations in the Middle East

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The robotic revolution is here and it’s changing how we live, work and do business. One robot enthusiast driving robotic innovations is Mohammed Mubin Mallick, CEO, and Founder of ‘Kiran Smart’, who introduced Kuwait with its first A.I. humanoid robotic company. The company offers innovative, reliable, and high-quality services to clients throughout GCC as well as globally. 

Mubin’s journey started in the year 2018 when he first came across robots at GITEX in Dubai. His curiosity made him ask more questions about the current as well as the future possibilities that robotics holds. “Then I decided I will have this robot and will add up in my product portfolio in the company,” says Mubin. Since then, he met many different robot manufacturers around the world and started researching different types of robots. Armed with knowledge, Mubin began exploring services his company can offer to the market through robots. Since then, the company has grown to become the Most Innovative Robotics Technology Company in Kuwait and GCC.

The story behind Kiran’s inception

Founded in 2019, the company initially started with a motive to provide IT solutions and services basically with network infrastructure. Thus, Mubin and his team came up with the brand name Kiran acronym for Kuwait India Research Advance Network. The first location was established in Kuwait. But there is more to the story. Being an Indian-born Kuwaiti resident, he admires the Indian culture and explains how an Indian name beautifully portrays the essence of the culture. The name ‘Kiran’ means ‘Roshni’ in the Indian National Language whilst it is ‘Rays’ in The Queen’s language. Roshni and Rays can be best described as the light bestowed by The Sun at dawn that eliminates the darkness in the world and spreads brightness for everyone. “So, our main story is to show the light to people in the darkness,” highlights Mubin. This beautiful ideology, for the company, was put forth by Mubin’s father, The Late Haji Noor, whose name ‘Noor’ was also the inspiration behind the brand as it also echoes the same meaning in Islam. He wanted his father’s name to be reflected in the company’s name. “So, we had to choose the name as a Holistic meaning to cover everything that is Indian culture, Kuwait as the first location, offering IT services, and helping humanity,” he adds. Meanwhile, the other half of the brand’s name ‘Smart’ is derived from the evolution of technology and how people are integrating these advancements into their lives. “The word Smart came because the World is Smart and, in the word, smart everything fits in like a watch is smart, mobile is smart, smart home, smart office, smart cars, and everything is becoming smart. So, we are covering everything. This is the real and practical story of our company Kiran. Smart stays in our customer’s heart,” he emphasizes.

Kiran Smart continues to provide IT services to business and home users. The company effectively combines technical expertise and domain knowledge to offer customized Computer Networking Solutions and System Integration solutions to their customers. Being a Top IT Company in Kuwait, the company provides an industry-standard integrated solution, IT consulting, IT maintenance, IT consultancy, and IT solutions. Over the years, Kiran Smart diversified into digital transformation and robotics. The company gained more recognition locally and internationally after expanding to AI Humanoid Robotic Services. During the pandemic, the company began delivering its robotics solutions in other countries and quickly gained traction. With robotics, the company served a variety of industries, including disinfection robots, service robots, delivery robots, interactive robots, and play robots for children. Its solutions benefited the larger humanity by covering schools, restaurants, shopping malls, corporate offices, hospitals, and houses.

As the only Robotics Services and Solutions company in Kuwait, Kiran Smart has played a significant role in the development of the robotics industry, its market awareness, and market shares in the Middle East. For its ground-breaking work the company has received awards from the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, the Ministry of Awqaf – Kuwait and has been named the Top Most Disruptive Robotics Company of 2020, as well as the company of the month by Analytics Insights. They recently received the 2021 Corporate excellence award as recognition from Corporate Vision UK for being the Most Innovative Robotics Technology Company in Kuwait. This latest honor, according to Mubin, is the best so far.

“The word Smart came because the World is Smart and, in the word, smart everything fits in like a watch is smart, mobile is smart, smart home, smart office, smart cars, and everything is becoming smart. So, we are covering everything. This is the real and practical story of our company Kiran. Smart stays in our customer’s heart.”

A Leader Being Made

Ups and downs are part of an entrepreneurial journey. Mubin too had a fair share of challenges on his way to becoming an avid leader. He faced many difficulties in his pathway, but his strong grit and an attitude of ‘no pain, no gain’ helped him to eradicate all the obstacles. There was also a time when he had to deal with the untrustworthiness of his employees as well as customers. But being a decisive leader, he took some necessary measures in the company’s favor. Mubin says, “If there is something then I get the indication and I act on it immediately to resolve it whether it is related to employees or the customer.” A leader must have such qualities for the better functioning of their company. However, many budding entrepreneurs think that leading an organization is a walk in a park, which apparently is not but can be. Mubin states that with the right direction and right skill sets one can easily take their company to the utmost height. By quoting, “yes, there is a winning formula for Becoming a Successful leader,” he states that one must find their winning formula to prevail in the quest, as he did. But most importantly, one must never stop believing in themselves, be self-motivated, and be bold when necessary. And lastly, one must learn to accept their mistakes while climbing the ladder of success. 

One can do great work by any means, but for Mubin it is through The Almighty. He prays to GOD to help him to become a ‘good leader’ and then focuses on the daily problems to resolve whether it is company-related, family-related, or related to friend’s circle. Here, growing as a good leader is not limited to business but developing as a better person and an all-round leader. His approach towards life is more driven to giving back to the community. “The question which comes to my mind is how I can be happy today because I cannot buy happiness from anywhere,” says Mubin. He believes by serving humanity one can earn the happiness they seek. Helping others gives Mubin immense pleasure and at the end of the day, he feels content as he could be a part of a kind expression.

“The question which comes to my mind is how I can be happy today because I cannot buy happiness from anywhere,” 

Building a better world

Looking at the current stature of Kiran Smart, the future for the company is bright. Currently, he is working on his visionary project called ROBO2050. He envisions his robots to be in every single household by 2050. “At present, we are working on another exciting project called BABY SPACE ROBOT which is more than a toy in the form of robots,” says Mubin. “This is just for kids to develop their interest in robotics. It is like play while you learn.” He intends to create jobs, develop the country’s economy, and unite the robotics industry on a single platform to serve humanity by educating the next generation of world leaders. 

With the increase in the demand for the company’s solutions and services, Kiran Smart is planning to expand in different countries. The company will have its direct investment or distributor or partner or Joint Venture and it would depend on country-to-country and its expansion strategies. “At present, we have UAE, USA, UK, Canada, and India in the list to expand ASAP,” shares Mubin. 

Through his work Mubin, hopes to create an impact in people’s lives which will go up as an impression of a revolutionary smart solution provider in history. Whilst Mubin’s journey from being a ‘pioneer’ to becoming ‘King of Robots’ will continue.


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