December 29, 2022

Mehreen Fareed: An all-encompassing leader in the real estate industry

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Mehreen Fareed had been successfully imprinting her name in the real estate markets for 15 years prior to joining RE/MAX as a candidate property practitioner. Even though she has only been with RE/MAX for a little over a year, she has quickly become an integral part of the company. Her interest in architecture began at a young age. She had a strong desire to build and decorate houses. As a child, she adored and was obsessed with collecting and building Lego sets. As she grew up, she joined her father in his business and then carried on after she got married by joining her husband’s company, where she headed the sales and managed his property portfolio. Those years gave her the best lessons of her life. After two decades and becoming an expert in the art of selling and negotiating, marketing, and positive body language, she decided to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a professional realtor. “I am not an overly controlling person,” she mentions. She describes her leadership style as giving people space and time to learn, experience, and make mistakes. She does, however, have a system in place that she insists be followed because she knows those systems work. “And I think that’s the factor behind my success,” she adds.

All the transactions I have done so far have a story of their own,” she mentions. Each had a unique situation, and all are special to her as a lot of work goes into closing deals from her side. The best lesson she can share with future buyers and sellers is that your first offer is your best offer. Followed by not waiting for the market to become stable; “it never will,” she continues. In addition to that, she states that you should be mentally prepared for the process when you decide to buy or sell. In the real estate industry, three aspects intrigue her the most: real estate photography, mandate signing and price setting, deal closing meetings with buyers. She highlights that when clients stage their homes, it’s like playing house. She loves writing elaborate descriptions of the houses she sells, coupled with artistic videos and photos that bring the best results in terms of marketing the property and achieving the maximum sale price. Meanwhile, in the case of mandate signing and price-setting meetings, she states that she adores the causal art of negotiating and guiding the client in the right direction in terms of pricing the property correctly. This meeting is important and core to the business. She prepares in advance with figures and charts to prove her findings and expertise. The third aspect intrigues her most—deal closing meetings with buyers—and “this is the most exciting part of the transaction.When all is said and done, in the eyes of the buyer and the seller, I am the best person in the world. And then we plan a handover and take pictures for our social media,” she says.

Mehreen Fareed: An all-encompassing leader in the real estate industry

About RE/MAX

Mehreen says, RE/MAX top line principles are “In business for yourself but not by yourself, be different: maximum commission concept; clients for life; accountability; interdependence; operating systems that work; community involvement; fun; RE/MAX quality assurance; effective leadership; recognition; financial discipline; RE/MAX passion.”

RE/MAX is the largest real estate franchise in the world, with a network of over 7,000 offices and more than 110,000 agents in over 100 countries worldwide. Further, she mentions that the company’s primary purpose is to promote ethical and professional behaviour. Another distinguishing feature of RE/MAX is the philosophy and values with which it operates and which it shares worldwide. In a transaction that can often be complex—especially when the housing market is tough—a RE/MAX agent can serve as a guide from the start. Armed with data and local expertise, Mehreen and her team are trained to see everything, including what others don’t. It comes with the territory of a brand whose agents help hundreds of thousands of families buy or sell a home each year. “Nobody in the world sells more real estate than RE/MAX,” she claims.

The company’s philosophy is simpler to comprehend. The success of each person helps drive the success of everyone else. At RE/MAX, the team desires to empower its people so they can thrive. “Because when they win, we win!” she adds. At RE/MAX, Mehreen and her team’s focus has and always will be on delivering quality service and outstanding results by creating an exceptional customer experience. Her clients know that she takes real pride in their satisfaction by ensuring maximum communication and advising them on good decision-making to the best of her abilities. Moreover, she keeps in touch with clients well after the transaction has been concluded and keeps them up to date with the latest views and industry news.

Adapting to new developments

Mehreen states that the real estate market has changed considerably over the past few years, first with the internet becoming the most popular choice for people searching for everything online, including real estate. The most challenging period she would consider was the COVID years, when she had just joined as a property practitioner and couldn’t do physical viewings due to restrictions. That helped polish her descriptions and photography skills, and she thought she and her team at RE/MAX have adapted beautifully because of the constant new training modules.

Mehreen asserts that the company is currently watching a tipover from the seller’s market to the buyer’s market. “We’re expecting a lot more stock and variety for buyers, and we’re hoping sales will match!” she adds. She has exceeded her expected turnover for 2022, and it is significantly higher than in 2021, so she feels joyful with her achievement so far. “Next year will be even better,” she ensures. She intends to implement technological aspects to help the company grow. Mehreen has planned professional shoots, walkthroughs, and social media marketing to reach a more specific audience. Online marketing is having a greater impact on the real estate market; it has increased exposure for the industry, resulting in more interest and, ultimately, the right buyers.

Mehreen promises to strive for excellence rather than perfection in the future. She wants to build her team and possibly open her own franchise office in the future. Finally, she advises aspiring industry professionals to be on time, be honest with clients, dress appropriately, be verbally confident, and perfect their posture and body language. Most importantly, she adds, “Look after people, and they will look after you!”


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