October 5, 2022

Luciana Corwin: Transforming Architecture with Creativity

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A passionate business leader is naturally driven by a force of persistence and high-degree persuasion toward the desired goal. Offering one’s soul and heart to provide utmost satisfaction to the customer shows the sincerity and love a leader has for their business. In creative sectors, customer satisfaction is considered the fuel that ignites the feeling of fulfillment in an artist. As quoted by Bjarke Ingels, “In the big picture, architecture is the art and science of making sure that our cities and buildings fit with the way we want to live our lives,” which reflects architects’ comprehension and passion to meet client’s needs through creativity. Luciana Corwin’s passion for fostering creativity is deeply ingrained, earning her the label of perfectionist. She is an exceptionally compassionate leader driven by customer satisfaction. She desires to present remarkable work through her company, AHS Design Group, to her clients. She laid the foundations of AHS Design Group in 2010. It was crafted to curate architectural services and interior designs for residential and small commercial projects in the Austin region of Texas.

Luciana is widely regarded as a determined leader who delivers on her promises to her clients with cutting-edge design and services. Experienced in working through all the phases of design and construction, Luciana’s background includes more than 25 years of working as an architect and designer with residential and commercial projects. She promotes a collaborative process that engages team members creatively to develop architecture and design that can inspire people.

Because the market is competitive, presenting authenticity is the only way to stand out. Luciana and her team go above and beyond to provide a beautiful space or architecture for their clients. Her company offers special attention to each individual’s project to ensure the best combination of form and function.

Luciana Corwin: Transforming Architecture with Creativity

Following passion

When Luciana was offering some advice to local builders and investors, she got the idea for the business. Impressed by her abilities, one of them asked Luciana to assist with a project. This ignited the referral process and helped her business grow. She has been working for 12 years now, and most of her business comes from returning clients and referrals. “I still work with my first client from 12 years ago,” gleams Luciana. She gives all her focus to one project at a time to provide personalized service to the client. She strives to exceed customer satisfaction, and her goal has always been to put a smile on the faces of service receivers. Various recognitions and successes came her way over time, and her efforts were recognized. AHS Design Group’s architecture instills a collaborative approach to identifying the owner’s unique ideas and/or business goals early to help guide the design process. Its creative solutions are budget-minded and uniquely designed for each of its clients.

Overcoming challenges

Luciana faced various challenges throughout the journey; being a foreigner was itself an obstacle. It was already difficult to embrace and blend into the new land’s culture and work ethic, yet she prevailed swiftly. She is a firm believer in persistently pursuing a trial. She believes that solutions can be achieved through hard work and determination. She states that through dedication and concentration, one can seek answers even to the most difficult questions by focusing on the details. Her traits assisted her in achieving many milestones and led AHS Design Group to a greater future. She recently won a national award (ARDA) for a custom home.

The primary force that has driven Luciana to reach her current stature is her love and passion for her work. Being an architect, her mind cultivates a creative approach to seeing her efforts concretized in a beautiful house or building. However, she firmly believes that excessive work could deplete one’s creativity, resulting in reduced productivity. Hence, her motto has been to find as much time as she can to rest and find pleasure in the essence of life. She adds, “I learned that pleasure and rest time contribute a lot to your creative and productive time.” She has always been a decisive leader, and her decisions have resulted affirmatively in her and the company’s growth. She is known as a person who meticulously researches and devotes sufficient time to provide the best solution for each project. For her, each new project represents a new question to which she feels compelled to respond. So, she seeks the best options within a realistic budget.

Surrounded by the “Greats”

Luciana admires people with pure hearts and is always willing to work until the wee hours of the morning to complete a task. She admires leaders who are compassionate and persistent in their work, and she is surrounded by great souls who are also simple beings with extraordinary hearts and exceptional work ethics. The wisdom of these extraordinary leaders pervades her life. She has a routine that helps her plan ahead of time and stay focused on her goals. Likewise, she does not rule out the possibility of having flexibility and beliefs that can be applied to planning scenarios that go wrong. If work is delayed due to some certain or uncertain reason, she shifts her goals for the next week. She suggests that in between this process and the critical notion, you keep clients informed about your progress and the necessary disruptions. She says every approach requires discipline to succeed. She instills her disciplinary facet in every endeavor of her life, including exercise, park walks, adequate rest, and meditations, in order to keep herself humble and focused.

It is not a hidden fact that Luciana is a trailblazer in the industry and has become a beautiful example for many business aspirants who desire to attain triumph. To them, Luciana suggests that one must never give up on their goals and overcome obstacles with sheer comprehension and persistence. She believes that everything arrives at the right time in the right circumstances, so one must proceed with patience. She emphasizes that realizing certain moments in one’s personal and professional life can take time. Her experiences have taught her that, while one may not value something right now, they will in the future.


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