Jodie Heal: A Trailblazer in Modern Accounting

August 24, 2023

Jodie Heal: A Trailblazer in Modern Accounting

Meet Jodie Heal, the powerhouse behind Heal Accounting, who is redefining the traditional boundaries of the accounting world. President and Founder of an all-female accounting and consulting firm, Jodie embodies a fusion of knowledge, flair, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Armed with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Magna Cum Laude, from Berkeley College and a Master of Accounting and Financial Management from the Keller Graduate School of Management, she’s more than an experienced CPA, she’s a visionary with an exceptional record. Her firm, Heal Accounting, has been recognized nationally for its innovative approach and technological prowess, providing accounting, bookkeeping, internal controls, technology selection, tax preparation, and growth strategies for privately-held businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Jodie resonates the spirit of entrepreneurship with resounding tenacity: “Starting a new business is both exhilarating and terrifying. Over the past 8 years, it has been a rewarding journey to forge a path to success. This path has made our team more resilient, adaptive, and ready for anything. We understand firsthand the challenges of running a business and use that knowledge to help our clients achieve their dreams.”

The Heal Accounting Revolution

Jodie’s trailblazing organization is more than just an accounting firm. Heal Accounting is a “central hub” that empowers mid-sized business owners to transform ideas into reality. The firm takes pride in advising business owners on crucial business issues to improve decision-making, profitability, and growth opportunities based on reliable, timely financial information. “We view the accounting and financial information we provide as foundational elements that help our clients build stronger companies.”

What sets Heal Accounting apart? A fusion of innovation, passion, and real-time solutions. The team is adept at leveraging its collective experiences and backgrounds to offer clients optimal solutions for their accounting and bookkeeping needs. Heal Accounting’s fee structure provides its clients with a knowledgeable team leveraging proven processes and the latest technology at a price point less than the cost of hiring a full-time bookkeeper or controller.

“Unlike traditional CPA firms, we work with small to mid-sized businesses to achieve their personal and professional goals. We use the latest in accounting technology to provide accurate and efficient financial information in real-time through the use of AI,” says Jodie.

Jodie Heal: A Trailblazer in Modern Accounting
Jodie Heal: A Trailblazer in Modern Accounting

Challenges and Advances in Accounting

One of the top challenges in the accounting industry is the shortage of accountants. “More than 75% of CPAs will be retiring in the next 15 years. Our profession must encourage people to enter the accounting industry or there will not be enough accountants to complete the necessary work that businesses desperately need. This also means our industry must adapt.” Heal Accounting had the foresight to harness emerging technologies, enabling the firm to serve more clients with fewer resources while maintaining the quality of their work.

Jodie’s Journey: The Making of a Maverick

From her early days at Berkeley College to her extensive professional journey, Jodie’s path to success is laden with determination, a never-ending desire to learn, and a unique blend of extroverted charm. Her early career in municipal audit and tax led to the realization that she could do more. 

As soon as Jodie took her first accounting class during her sophomore year in high school, she was hooked. These experiences paved the way for her to eventually, launch her own firm, starting as a traditional tax practice. In the first year, she realized that many of her clients needed bookkeeping help, so she expanded to include bookkeeping and payroll services. Harnessing her love for technology, she further enhanced the firm’s offerings by starting a full-service client accounting and advisory (CAS) practice, thus shaping Heal Accounting into the powerhouse it is today.

“I have a unique set of skills. Being an extrovert in a field of introverts gave me an edge. That characteristic also taught me to speak up and be an advocate for myself. I wanted to share that strength with other women,” Jodie reflects.

A Commitment to Community and Leadership

Born and raised by entrepreneurial parents, Jodie worked with her mother in her early years, which exposed her to networking opportunities with important people. Jodie also gives credit for her success to the support and mentorship she received in college and early in her career.  

She went on to hone her leadership skills through the Midcoast Leadership Academy and the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Emerging Leader Program. “The experience during my formative years enabled me to develop confidence in my leadership skills,” says Jodie. 

Jodie’s influence extends well beyond the accounting world. She believes in giving back whenever and wherever she can. An advocate for gender equality and women’s leadership, she is the Chairman of the Board of the Maine Women’s Network Midcoast Chapter.

“Women must become more confident in promoting their expertise and skills to employers and clients alike. Women professionals have the skillsets that employers seek, but often they do not give themselves enough credit and do not articulate those skills well. I want to help bridge that gap,” states Jodie.

Additionally, Jodie is an advisor for the Olympia Snowe Women’s Leadership Institute, a member of the West Bay Rotary, and serves on the National Small Business Association Leadership Council and the AICPA Governing Council. Her contribution to community causes like the Make-A-Wish Foundation demonstrates her compassionate side.

Jodie’s leadership philosophy is simple. “Being a leader is about helping others thrive.” Her own growth in the leadership role was organic. From the beginning, she was the person who would bring people together to resolve issues and accomplish the goal at hand. Realizing that success or failure hinges on one’s own thoughts, Jodie leads by example. She believes that maintaining a positive mindset and always keeping the lines of communication open inspires both Jodie and her team to achieve their best. 

Advice for Other Business Owners

Jodie offers her insights to other business owners.

1. Own the journey. This is your journey, not anyone else’s.  Forge your own path and don’t do anything because you think it’s what you are supposed to do.

2. Expand your horizons.  Explore the world.  Meet new people. Expand your circle of friends and your network. Try new things. It will open more doors than you realize, and you’ll be a better person for it.

3. Celebrate even the smallest wins. Acknowledge the wins and successes along the way. Don’t be so focused on the next step that you forget about everything you’ve accomplished. Take time to reflect and celebrate.

4. Be a beacon of positivity. What you convey is what others in your organization adopt. Lead by example with a positive mindset. Smile. Look for the silver lining.

In a field often marked by rigidity, Jodie Heal stands as a beacon of innovation and inspiration. She’s not just leading an accounting firm; she is forging new paths and guiding mid-sized businesses toward a future filled with possibilities. Her story is a testament to what a combination of creativity, curiosity, and leadership can accomplish. Heal Accounting is a shining example of the transformative power of vision and determination.


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