October 12, 2021

Jade Clinics: Revamping the beauty industry

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A prominent name in the permanent hair removal franchise, Jade Clinics is Canada’s most reliable and trusted hair removal, body sculpting, and skin rejuvenation provider. Its groundbreaking technology has not only provided individuals with a solution they were looking for, but it has also given them a sense of freedom that is beyond description. A family-owned & operated business with its roots starting in British Columbia, Jade Clinics for 32 years now, has been the one-stop destination where people come to find a permanent solution for their unwanted hair problems. Established in 1989 by President & Founder Jennifer Desloges, Jade Clinics operates across 11 locations and offers top-quality treatments in the beauty industry. With a legacy of research and top-notch customer service, Jade Clinics is the proud torchbearer of the beauty industry.

Turning a personal struggle into a breakthrough for millions

Jennifer, a self-made entrepreneur today, had a personal battle with undesired hair. She started developing a male-type beard and body hair at the age of 19 after her marriage and first kid. Having experienced the physical and mental anguish unwanted hair can cause, Jennifer was eager to find a solution and offer it to others selflessly. Although many treatments were available nothing was long-lasting. Hence, Jennifer wanted to come up with a solution that was permanent, efficient, safe, and exact. After years of research, Jennifer found the electrolysis technique which turned out to be a major game-changer in her personal and professional life. In 2010, Jade Clinics began franchising with the goal provided permanent hair removal with exceptional results. Since then, Jennifer has helped millions of people get rid of their unwanted hair and has been doing so for three decades now. “Our mission is to end the torment of unwanted hair and leave people feeling thrilled,” says Jennifer.

Having paved her path to success, Jennifer is a customer-focused leader who loves to remain grounded and believes in simple living high thinking philosophy. Having experienced the highs and lows of life and business in general, Jennifer relates to the struggles every entrepreneur goes through and with her work, intends to be a guiding light for anyone who wants to leave a mark in the industry. With a unique outlook towards business, Jennifer believes that business is never about how much money you make, but about how many lives you touch, the levels of transformations you make, and the number of breakthroughs you provide. Jade Clinics aims to help every person struggling with unwanted hair by providing them with a revolutionary beauty breakthrough.

“Our mission is to end the torment of unwanted hair and leave people feeling thrilled.”

Standing out and shining

Being the only multi-unit hair removal company that specializes in electrolysis, Jade Clinics has been dominating its competitors effortlessly for years now. Apart from a signature electrolysis technology that is the only FDA-approved method of permanent hair removal, Jade Clinic houses the best industry experts and is powered by their experience. These experts who are the best at what they do are extra-ordinarily dedicated to providing their clients the best-in-class solutions. This dedication indeed makes Jade Clinics stand out as the preferred choice of millions and its fame continues to endlessly grow. Jade Clinics is also constantly innovating to provide new services to their clients. For instance, the truSculpt® 3D provides clients who want to sculpt regions that are resistant to diet and exercise with exceptional results in only one treatment with no downtime or side effects. Jade Clinics also offers Secret Rf micro-needling treatments, which transmit fractional radiofrequency (RF) energy to all layers of the skin while causing minimal damage to the skin’s surface. The multi-layered treatment improves signs of aging skin, fine lines, wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, and sun damage with little to no downtime. Secret RF is an easy, safe and effective procedure that can be performed in a quick, 20-minute treatment session.

Electrolysis technology is the only FDA-approved method of permanent hair removal.

Transforming lives

Having seen people getting fed up with missed appointments, false promises, expensive treatments, and side effects galore, Jennifer knew that it was going to take more than just a solution to solve the problem people were facing. People who were seeking a better way to get rid of unwanted hair finally found what they were desperately seeking at Jade Clinics. Today, having won the trust of millions, Jade Clinics is considered the best in the industry as it is backed by years of research, market expertise, and a legacy that continues to grow. The Medical Aesthetics market is currently at $11 billion dollars and is projected to reach $17 billion by 2023. On the other end where the medical spa market is expected to be $27M + by 2025, the global hair removal market is expected to grow by 5.5% annually and reach $3 billion by 2025. 

Being a one of its kind franchise Jade Clinics has never been about just numbers but has been all about bringing paradigm shifts and transforming lives for the better. In the process of expanding across Canada using the franchise growth model, Jade Clinics is looking out for franchise partners who intend to grow in the beauty industry. Jade Clinics not only offers its franchise partners an opportunity to be a part of its legacy but also provides every resource, every tool that will only propel the franchise partners towards the desired success and financial prosperity. With an upper hand in training and support, the team of experts guides its franchise partners while imparting them the necessary knowledge and practical action plan to scale their goals fearlessly and with certainty. The franchisee is given access to the best training resources which will help them face the real-time business world. Post the initial training, the franchisee receives various types of support which include initial set-up, choosing site location, build-out, financing help, office set-up, ordering of equipment, etc. The franchisee also receives ongoing support with quarterly check-ins to evaluate skill and promote the franchise to the next level in the pay structure. Though one does not need to be an entrepreneurial genius or any beauty training to be part of the Jade Clinics family, they need to possess the motivation to help others. The candidate needs to have good hand/eye coordination and good vision to perform the techniques.  

Creating a promising future

Being one of the fastest-growing franchise Jade Clinics has a definite plan for growth. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, Jade Clinics provided its franchisees their signature next-level support by hosting weekly meetings, helped them get government aid, and provided financial support on a case-by-case basis. This alone is enough to prove its commitment to the growth of its franchisees. Though the pandemic has slowed down its pace, it was not able to stop Jade Clinics from aiming higher. Looking towards a brighter future, Jade Clinics aims to continue growing and maintaining its lead as an industry leader.


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