October 18, 2021

Elyse Flynn Meyer: A Skilled Marketer Offering Multi-faceted Inbound Marketing Solutions

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Gone are the days when marketing was restricted to a limited reach. Radios, televisions sets, and newspapers were considered the medium of choice for marketers for the longest time, but things have changed. Digital marketing for businesses has become more often a need than a want. It is a medium of organic promotion and building trust with your audience where an organization can increase its reach organically through helpful content. But it requires a keen understanding and direction to help companies attain that growth led by digitalization.

Meet Elyse Flynn Meyer, Founder and President of Prism Global Marketing Solutions, a profound marketer who has earned a name in the vast digital marketing sphere. She comprehends the necessity of ‘being digital.’ While serving companies that extend from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, she has come across distinctive marketing and sales strategies yet always wondered of a better method to redefine these programs for a more result-driven outcome. Because of this, in 2013, she launched Prism Global Marketing Solutions to offer a comprehensive, multi-faceted approach for businesses seeking a reliable digital marketing solution provider. Prism Global Marketing Solutions is a HubSpot Diamond Partner that offers integrated and complete inbound marketing solutions for businesses to extend their reach, grow their marketing efforts, and positively impact the bottom line.

Before starting her marketing agency, like every entrepreneur, Elyse faced opinions over her entering and starting a venture in a very competitive industry. But her firm determination and persistence assisted her in surpassing opinions. “I had to minimize what people were saying and just show them that their doubts were something I could overcome. And I did,” she highlights. This approach was behind her many accomplishments, making her an awardee of two prestigious awards Arizona Republic’s Top 35 Under 35 Entrepreneurs and 4 Under 40 American Marketing Association Outstanding Marketers awards

She is a well-earned personage of such recognition as she portrays astonishing decisiveness and leadership skills. In addition, her integrated marketing expertise helps her clients see real-time results. She has extensive experience in marketing and sales management, specifically in inbound marketing, lead generation, marketing operations, and sales alignment. Her education helped her develop an all-encompassing knowledge of marketing and business growth, leading to her success today. She acquired her Bachelor’s in Marketing Science from the University of Arizona with an emphasis in International Business. Her desire to learn more about marketing increased, earning her Executive Certificates from Cornell University, Pepperdine University, and Thunderbird School of Global Management in Digital Marketing, Global Management, Global Marketing, Global Leadership, Global Business Essentials, and Corporate Social Responsibility.

“I had to minimize what people were saying and just show them that their doubts were something I could overcome. And I did.”

– Elyse Flynn Meyer

Curating the Brand’s Success

Elyse has beautifully integrated her digital marketing knowledge and ways to assist her clients through her company. Her business’s main highlight and motive are seeking different ways for organizations to achieve growth and change. She says that it’s incredibly impactful to witness what an organization can accomplish when approaching marketing and sales enablement from a truly cohesive standpoint and leveraging all of the available tools and expertise. Being an award-winning inbound marketing agency, Prism Global Marketing Solutions provides strategic online and inbound marketing implementation, consulting, and support.  Elyse and her team collaborate with their clients to identify the most unique and effective solutions to help them achieve the greatest return on investment from their marketing, sales, and customer service strategy.

The company’s goal is to help businesses drive the most value through digital marketing and sales enablement. They look at problems faced by their clients and solve them through a collaborative approach to reach the client’s goals. This includes answering questions such as:

  • How organizations think about digital marketing as an integral part of their strategy
  • How to leverage content marketing through all facets of their marketing and sales communications
  • How to use data to make more strategic and informed marketing decisions 

Elyse believes that maximizing one’s marketing strategy to drive revenue results must be the goal of every marketing department.  The digital marketing plans offered by Elyse and her team can help organizations reach their marketing and scale goals collectively. A comprehensive strategy can include brand awareness, audience growth, digital engagement, lead generation, content amplification, sales engagement, and customer retention. To optimize an organization’s digital strategy to achieve actionable results, she believes that companies must amplify their content, optimize email strategy, build thought leadership, focus on giving back, and create virtual experiences. 

Making Oneself Heard

When asked what one of the most significant issues she sees in the industry, Elyse emphasizes, “one of the most significant issues is how women are treated. This is not just as a business owner, but women in business in general. Women need to have their voices heard, speak up when they have ideas, and most specifically if they disagree with something.” Thus, she firmly tells women in businesses to be more opinionated and make efforts to hear those opinions. Through her career, Elyse has set an example for many aspiring women in business who seek to pursue a better position in the continuously evolving business space. 

“Women need to have their voices heard, speak up when they have ideas, and most specifically if they disagree with something.”

– Elyse Flynn Meyer

In her journey, she has learned to stand up for what she felt was right and what women need to continually do in business and their own lives. She mentions that women often do not make their opinions, thoughts, and feelings known, which causes them to get overlooked for projects, awards, and even promotions. “It’s a constant thought when I’m in meetings, presenting myself in email, writing content, or giving a presentation, that I need to show my expertise and value and speak my opinion just like any male would in a similar role,” she states. Throughout her life, she overcame other obstacles achieving various milestones in her pathway. It was her motivation, perseverance, creativity, communication skills that helped her in the entrepreneurial journey. “I do think female leaders need to excel in their strengths and own them in unique ways to showcase their value,” she adds.

She asserts, “Equality is essential because there is absolutely no reason that men should make more money than women, be given more promotions, and receive more accolades than a woman doing the same exact role.” 

The company strives to give back to women in business, start-ups, and universities to help educate and empower business leaders, business owners, and graduate students to understand the power of digital marketing better. Elyse actively mentors young aspiring women in the industry through accelerator programs and local entrepreneurial programs. In addition, Elyse and her mother co-authored a personal branding book titled ‘Brand YOU, Brand New’ for budding businesswomen to learn strategies to elevate their careers. She recently launched another book entitled Mastering Inbound Marketing: Your Complete Guide to Building a Results-Driven Inbound Strategy.’ “A comprehensive digital marketing strategy helps outline the channels and tactics a company can leverage to achieve their business growth goals,” adds Elyse. 

To conclude, we can say that digital marketing offers significant growth opportunities for organizations of all sizes. And Elyse and her team can assist businesses to thrive in this digital era. Her qualifications to adapt assures that a well-planned and integrated marketing plan will accelerate a company’s growth trajectory. 


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