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May 11, 2022

Delightful, Creative And Modern Home Solutions For All By – Bri Peacock

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Home sweet home! It’s a term we all know, an emotion we are all familiar with, and a feeling we look forward to. Needless to say, homes are for the generations.

In modern times, homes have evolved just from being a mere need to something much more. A personal identity, homes are unique to their homeowners, and in the billions of houses out there today, no two of them are alike. Moreover, most of our lives are spent in our homes so making sure that our home space embodies our personality and brings us joy and peace becomes even more paramount.

Life should be chic, glamorous, and colorful – So should your home, feels Ora Designs, a full-service interior decorating and design company that has been in business since 2016. Started and spearheaded by Owner and Principal Designer, Bri Peacock, this complete home solution establishment is recognized as one of the most transparent, innovative and passionate home design services organizations in the United States.

Bri Peacock, Founder and Principle Designer, Ora Designs

The Foundation

One of the many differentiators that places Ora Designs a cut above the others is their drive to offer an array of services and packages to accommodate every single lifestyle and budget. Home building, remodeling or even just redecorating is a rather tedious task. Consider doing all three together and the magnitude of the task can become quite overwhelming.

“We dreamt of taking an experience that is notoriously stressful and overwhelming and making it fun, organized, and memorable,” says Bri.

With the goal to help clients create spaces that truly connect with their mind, body, and soul, Ora Designs, rest assured, always keeps clients on the forefront, from planning to execution, with no secret or surprises at any given stage. For Ora, success lies in simplifying the process of renovation and decoration for their clients. Part of that simplification process comes from the company being a one stop shop, complete with not only a design team, but a highly skilled remodeling crew as well.

Constantly innovating, updating and scouting for newer design and décor solutions, Ora remains committed to stand at the frontlines of the industry, ensuring the most bang for your buck. On the mission to change the way design services were traditionally offered, and to make them less intimidating and attainable, Ora offers some of the most convenient, and inclusive design services around. “We also have experience with commercial and corporate designs. The right design in the workplace can motivate employees, attract new customers, and really showcase who you are as a company.” So even if you are looking for creating the space of your dreams in your workplace or commercial facility Ora can execute the project for you the same way they make residential dreams come true.

Finding inspiration, anywhere and everywhere

The Plinth

A team of 8 including Bri, Ora Designs stands poised of one of the most dynamic design teams in the country. Whether you need help with a paint color, want to remodel your entire home, need to buy cabinetry, or just get a backsplash, Ora has you covered.

The talented crew members at Ora are known for their inventiveness and creativity combined with the skills it takes to bring anything they draw to life. No matter how crazy an idea, it is always accepted with a smile and taken as a challenge.

“Our carpenters are some of the best in the business. Their attention to detail never ceases to amaze us. Everything they do behind the scenes is what makes our client’s dreams come true. We are truly blessed to work with such a talented team. The finished product they create truly sets us apart in our industry.”

From design to redecoration, Bri and her team have combed the entire market over the last 6 years (and will continue to do so in the years to come) to find the absolute best products to offer. The products at Ora are a combination of some of the latest designs, the highest quality and the most competitive costs known in the market today. But that’s not it. Ora’s innovation surpasses competitors even during trying times. For instance, during the Covid pandemic, Bri launched the Ora e-design service. Thanks to this, team Ora and their clients were in constant touch with each other, working on designs that would develop into ground-breaking realities for clients.

Breaking Barriers

A single mom of 5 little girls, Bri was passionate about design from a young age. Finishing off her design school diploma while simultaneously raising her kids, Bri initially came into the home design industry to start a small little company of her own with a handful of clients, in order to make ends meet.

Her success over the last 6 years was something that Bri herself could have never predicted.

“What started as a small interior designer doing a couple of projects turned into a full-service interior design studio servicing everyone from local homeowners to high profile clients like professional athletes, a remodeling company, cabinet and countertop dealer, and furniture dealer. Later this year we will be fully operational in our next two divisions of property investment and management, as well as event planning,” smiles Bri.

As a female entrepreneur in the industry, Bri is one of the many women who have taken a hammer to the glass ceiling, breaking barriers and setting new benchmarks in an otherwise male dominated industry. Furthermore, Bri says that as a woman, and a mother, she is always looking for ways to nurture people around her, clients included, in order to make things simpler for them. “I created a system and structured my remodeling company to protect my clients from experiencing the traditional stress and overwhelming feelings that most of the time goes hand in hand with remodeling projects.”

Inspired by the likes of Canadian clinical psychologist, Jordan Peterson, who famously spoke about “Why 2% succeed and 98% don’t” as well as author, monk and life coach Jay Shetty, among others, Bri hopes to live a life of kindness, compassion and love, and emulates the same through her business. In her free time, Bri enjoys cooking, playing and watching sporting events with her little lady tribe. Aside from that she is passionate about music, poetry and kayaking.

Giving Back

At Ora designs there is a lot of passion for giving back and uplifting communities. “We admire & care for all people, so we strive to do anything and everything we can to bring good things to those around us,” says Bri who has always tried to come up with creative ways to help others. Her first charity was through her boutique store Posh Peacock where she initiated the “Posh Princess Program”. It started by Bri putting a box in front of her store with a sign, inviting people to write down the names of people who may be going through a hard time and could use a little something special.

Every other Friday Bri would pull a name from the box and fill bags with new clothes, jewelery, shoes, toys, diapers, and gift cards. Once she closed for the day, she’d load it all up then show up on these people’s doorstep to make them feel important, loved, and special.

Later on, Bri would go on to launch the “Pay It Forward Program”, a program created to recognize acts of kindness in the community.

It doesn’t stop there. In 2018, Bri launched the “Dream Bedroom Giveaway” initiative in which she asked the Ora community to nominate a child who deserved the room of their dreams. At the end of the contest a little girl named Hailey had received over 500 votes. On learning that Hailey had brittle bone disease, Bri went all out and designed the entire bedroom with handmade bunk beds that would allow Hailey to crawl to the top, to a fully built-in gaming wall.

Bri works with Girls with Pearls a turn-key, school-based program that fosters leadership to change the outcome for girls by empowering them to plan for a bright future through education, personal responsibility and social awareness.

Words Of Wisdom

To anyone wanting to start a career in home design and redecoration, or to anyone starting out on their distinct career path,

Bri says, “Don’t give up, everything seems intimidating when you’re starting out. Be inspired by other’s success in the industry and never be intimidated. We all started out exactly where you are. None of this is as hard as it seems once you experience it. Don’t stop, there may be a million talented people out here already but none of us are you, and what you have is special.”

Bri’s recent collaboration with Girls with Pearls


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