August 27, 2021

Claudia Duran on helping others through the power of connection in matchmaking

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We are currently living in a digitally dominant world, where being digitally connected is often considered more important than actually being socially connected and making real and authentic connections. Claudia was working in private aviation in Los Angeles when she realized people were “very disconnected from themselves and each other in this overly digital world.” 

So, after 20 years marketing global brands and launching start-ups, today as the Founder and Chief Strategist at The Communication Studio, Claudia is on the mission to help people to reconnect back to themselves and with each other. She focuses on individually based one-on-one marketing, mostly helping a diverse set of people best market themselves as individuals, not as a brand, but more as an authentic representation of their best self. Claudia helps them realize and lead with what she sees is the best in them, and what makes them unique, through a passion for matchmaking and coaching.

“Every client is their own personal brand”

Seizing opportunities

It was after one year of freelancing in the year 2016 Claudia decided to turn her business into full-time consulting which evolved to become a highly regarded lifestyle agency. “I was the hesitant entrepreneur,” Claudia jokes, “When I first started my business, I feared I would end up a bag lady. OK, I exaggerate, but clearly, I had to manage my mind before anything else could happen.”  When one of her clients began encouraging her to meet with potential matchmaking clients that “completely took on a life of its own,” says Claudia, “it came naturally, so did buzz and press, cable TV inquires, and much to my own surprise marriages and matches!”  

As an entrepreneur, she has taught herself that there are opportunities EVERYWHERE and that to see them and be open to them, she must keep herself on a high vibration. “That means healthy, sane, slept, worked out, and clear and spiritual as possible,” she adds. She states that with time, one gets to appreciate opportunities that seemingly come out of the blue, while others that seemed a sure thing can dissipate overnight. “Your business continues to grow if you keep working to grow it,” says Claudia. She has come to accept the natural cycles and ups and downs and try not to “get overly anxious or tied to any particular outcomes. Then you realize you’re not really in charge anyway,” explains Claudia. “I try to be grateful every single day.”

Summing up her journey Claudia says, “What originally started as a fun passion project evolved into a perfect opportunity to apply my communication skills in a relaxing, discreet and confidential manner on behalf of a diverse clientele with endlessly fascinating stories and backgrounds.” 

Facts to be told, this venture’s success would have not been possible without building a great team. Claudia communicates that every individual who ever worked for her knows her “DO or DIE” approach which she likes to refer to as “DO IT or we’re screwed,” philosophy. She looks for people who have a passion that drives them. She stresses it has to be innate, “a drive more than anything because that is where accountability comes from. You can’t ignite it if it isn’t there.”  

One on One Marketing

There are so many ways she loves helping her clients find and express what is special and unique about them. Listening carefully to what is said and unsaid, asking the right questions, blending in experience from years of often private and confidential conversations. Then comes helping them create their matchmaking profiles where they must shine as they are, not necessarily as they think they should be perceived. Claudia says, “I have gone into my client’s closets and pulled out clothes I thought would look awesome on them but if they tell me, I never wear that anymore, then back it goes! They need to feel comfortable and themselves, looking great of course, but still themselves, I have referred photographers, make-up artists, doctors, coaches, you name it. I also enjoy creating their profile together with my clients, you get to really know them, and how they see themselves through the process, and you can mirror back what could be interesting and attractive to a potential match.”   

Love is the goal

Love, as cliché as it may sound— is Claudia’s approach towards her life. Be it her love for boating, traveling, surfing, cycling and music, or following her life purpose. She rightly refers to love as what one is passionate about. Recently, she wrapped a nine-month workshop where she taught a group of entrepreneurial and artistic women three months of self-love, three months of relationship building, and three months of loving what they are going to create in the world, be it in their professional or personal lives. 

Obviously on the matchmaking side romantic love is the goal, and on the coaching side self-love is the goal,” she says.  

The story of Claudia would have been different if she had not fortuitously ended up connecting people. She became both fascinated with understanding them and helping them, especially when they counted on her. Her passion, as well as compassion, are the true heroes of the success that her company enjoys today. Certainly, it wasn’t easy. She faced a myriad of challenges along the way, but her strong persona and tireless dedication helped her overcome the roadblocks and establish herself. The famous pop-culture reference, when Dory says ‘just keep swimming’, has always stayed close to her heart. For the women behind her, striving to excel in their careers, Claudia’s advice is to stay strong and ‘keep swimming’ through the ups and downs of life. Having said that, Claudia also shares career advice she received that also reflects her own choices throughout her journey: “Always dive into projects thinking you are going to kick A!

“I love brands, and I love people”


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