October 12, 2021

ARCpoint Labs: Leaders in Accurate, Reliable and Confidential Diagnostic Testing

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In 2017, about 38% of the adults in the United States battled an illicit drug use disorder. The same year, 1 out of every 8 adults struggled with both alcohol and drug use disorders simultaneously. These numbers continue to increase year after year, with many American states legalizing formerly banned substances, providing easy access to the common individual. However, the real-world impact of substance use and abuse has far reached the health and financial implications. It can affect our relationships, social status, and most of all our professional conduct and employability. 

Alcohol and drug use by employees causes many problems for businesses and organizations, right from lost productivity and workplace injuries to an increase in health insurance claims against organizations. According to the National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information (NCADI), the loss to companies in the United States due to alcohol and drug-related abuse by employees totals around $100 billion a year. In addition to deaths, accidents, absenteeism, and loss of productivity, other problems caused in the workplace due to alcohol and drug abuse range from low-morale, thefts, poor decision making, disciplinary issues, and more, all of which negatively impact the individual and the organization. 

This has compelled businesses to have stringent, anti-substance policies in place, creating a disruptive market for drug and alcohol testing. While there are hordes of companies that provide testing and screening services, one company has stayed leaps and bounds ahead of the curve due to its wide portfolio of innovative clinical health services. On the mission to exceed owner expectations by providing the tools, education, and services to help achieve their personal, professional, and financial goals, ARCpoint Labs is pioneering change in the drug testing industry, enabling businesses to create and maintain a safe and productive workplace.  

Front runners in diagnostic innovation

ARCpoint has been in the testing and diagnostic business since 1998. Vice President of Franchise Development, Ashley Wells shares that the company started franchising in 2006, and rapidly expanded to locations all over the United States, catering to a myriad of industries. On the quest to battle the evils of alcohol and drug use in the workplace, ARCpoint offers several innovative testing solutions to industries like the airlines, government offices, local small to medium sizes businesses, physicians, lawyers, drug courts, and more!

“We want to save the world and with a world that is ever-changing we have the opportunity to be there for our community by providing exceptional customer service, fast test results, and the newest testing options on the market.”

The company offers tailored packages, specific to their client’s needs; like drug testing, background screens, physicals, and others, which they provide their customers with scalable solutions aimed at better health of the individual and the organization. “Our goal as a company is to provide individuals with clarity on prices of diagnostic tests along with providing the best customer service, innovative technology, and affordable prices through nationally negotiated contracts,” explains Ashley. 

ARCpoint is steered by its ‘flexible business model which allows them to work closely with organizations that are heavy in clinical work as well as small to medium size businesses that need small-scale solutions. Thus, no matter what the size of the requirement, the teams at ARCpoint are trained and well equipped in all aspects of strategic diagnostic testing, be it for an individual or a large multinational conglomerate. 

Spreading their wings throughout the Nation

Over the last couple of decades, the US has witnessed a substantial rise in drug and alcohol consumption by individuals. There came a point in the early 2000s when it became crucial to address the gap in illicit substance users, and diagnostic solution providers. Not having enough sources to provide reliable and accurate testing became a cause for concern for industries throughout the country.

To bridge this gap, in 2006 ARCpoint started to onboard like-minded individuals and establishments to join their community, a community that wants to save the world and keep it healthy. Through the ARCpoint Labs franchisees, hundreds of diagnostic testing labs now operate throughout the country, offering cost-effective and reliable diagnostic solutions, a hundred and thirty-six to be precise. 

“What I loved most about ARCpoint was the ever-increasing opportunity for additional revenue streams. We’re not just one thing. We are actually able to bring new opportunities all the time; it’s not stale.”

Leslie Elliot, franchise owner ARCpoint, Bakersfield, CA

Over the years ARCpoint has emerged as an attractive proposition to partner with, gaining the attention of labs and diagnostic solution providers from all over. Their in-depth training program comprises a week-long induction process followed by a day and a half of shadowing a current franchise to get hands-on training. Furthermore, ARCpoint also offers a 12-month long training program, in which individuals get the opportunity to train with one of ARCpoint’s top 20 franchise partners and learn the latest business tips, insight, and practices directly from the industry leaders in order to provide the most exemplary diagnostic services.

Solutions for the modern times

Since ARCpoint’s franchise inception, the company has been driving National Health consciousness, regularly expanding its services to address the health inspection needs of organizations and individuals. The company is far from a regular drug testing service due to its distinctive capability to provide both clinical and toxicology services to its customers. What’s more, is that these services are overseen and conducted by certified and experienced physicians that ARCpoint has empaneled.  

Apart from drug testing and background screening, the ARCpoint experts take pride in assisting and educating companies regarding substance abuse, often guiding establishments on how to update to the latest drug and alcohol protocols. Furthermore, the company’s background screening services provide solutions ranging from credit reports to criminal records check, to sex-offender lists check, thereby allowing companies to thoroughly vet an employee before hiring them. All the latest employee reports and policies can be accessed in real-time and securely from ARCpoint’s digital platform, giving this company a further edge over its competitors. 

“We are here to help employers get their employees safe to work, make sure they are drug-free, and provide Back to Work policies and Drug Testing policies.”

While one of ARCpoint’s pillars is the employers’ market, its other three pillars are individuals, physicians, and legal compliances. The modern-day citizen is more health-aware and driven towards fitness than ever before. For them, ARCpoint offers a range of testing solutions like DNA tests, STD tests, and drug and alcohol tests, which are conducted safely and confidentially. The reports can be downloaded with ease from the ARCpoint website, at the convenience of the customer.  

For years now, ARCpoint has also remained a trusted partner to physicians across the country who do not have testing facilities of their own but require precise and reliable testing and diagnostic solutions. Additionally, legal and judicial institutions bank on ARCpoint for their accurate and authentic drug, alcohol, and DNA testing, for legal matters like divorce proceedings and child custody determinations.

Breaking barriers and staying ahead

Today, each one of us, has in one way or another, dealing with the devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. In its initial days, the virus was responsible for causing widespread panic due to a lack of testing solutions for the common citizen. During these trying times, ARCpoint took it upon themselves to come up with a citizen-oriented solution, which they did in the form of vaccines and antibody tests. The company now offers a complete range of Covid-19 tests, apart from its service of drug and alcohol testing. ARCpoint even upgraded its website to turn into a digital platform for conveniently scheduling a Covid-19 test appointment owing to which, customers can easily locate an ARCpoint lab close to them, book an appointment and get quick and accurate results digitally.

“With a variety of testing options available, we can help determine which test is right for your situation and get your results back to you fast.”

Unforeseen disruption in the healthcare, drug, and alcohol industries has led to physicians and labs working overtime, looking for more innovative and advanced ways to ensure our wellbeing. At present, work from home has become the new norm for many organizations with no clear direction on when things will go “back to normal”. Yet, ARCpoint continues to lead the charge against Covid-19, helping organizations make informed decisions regarding their employees’ potential return to work while slowing the spread of the virus.

Looking ahead, ARCpoint remains poised for exponential growth for the years to come as they extend their franchise business, offering others the opportunity to capitalize on the explosive growth in the healthcare and medical franchise markets while making a difference to their communities. The influx of health-conscious individuals today and a continued rise of drug and alcohol abuse in the aftermath of the pandemic, coupled with the rising healthcare costs of increasingly complex insurance plans, all support ARCpoint’s stance as a cost-effective, innovative, and contemporary way for consumers to receive accurate and reliable diagnostic testing. 


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